#1 Sales Assessment Tool

It is critical for companies to have as much information as possible when making a hiring decision.

The costs associated with hiring mistakes are huge. There’s the time the territory remains empty, the time and money spent recruiting, training and finally the damage done by the person until the mistake is discovered.

One of the tools to help increase the chances of a hiring success is a pre-hire sales assessment. Excel Sales Solutions is a Certified Partner of Objective Management Group(OMG). OMG has the top rated sales assessment tool in the industry, nine years in a row!

Want to try?

The link below allows you to take a no-charge assessment to see what an incredible tool this is!

Further, OMG provides the only 100% sales based evaluation tools on the market today.

Tools for sales reps, sales managers and sales leaders developed, tested and validated after OMG evaluated 2+ Million sales reps and managers worldwide! This means you can trust the results. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team leads to better performance. Once the manager and the sales person review their results, specific training and coaching can be implemented.

OMG, results oriented assessments and evaluations for sales professionals.