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After over 30 years of management experience, Excel Sales Solutions (ESS) was created to bring key sales related services under one umbrella. To properly operate a sales organization, a company needs leadership, the right sales team and the proper training to help them maximize their potential. Further, when hiring a salesperson, every tool must be utilized to find the right candidate. All of these services can be found at ESS. Finally, listening to the needs of our smaller clients, a suite of digital marketing tools are now available.

Our Services

Top Assessment

Excel Sales Solutions is a certified partner of Objective Management Group(OMG). It is critical for companies to have as much information as possible when making a hiring decision. OMG has the top rated sales assessment tool in the industry, nine years in a row!

Sales Training

When in doubt about sales performance, train! The question is train what? When dealing with an experienced sales team, seldom does it make sense to train on everything from soup to nuts! Generally, coaching a rep or a manager on a specific area where they are weak makes much more sense.


Many CEO’s struggle with how to deal with a non performing sales force. They are too small to afford a full time sales leader. Therefore, they are forced to take some of their precious management time to lead the sales team. This seldom works out well.


Every company whether small or large, wants to be the first page of a google search. Many companies want to be able to advertise on Facebook. In many if not most cases, small companies can’t afford to do either. Agency fees for development generally come with a long term commitment. Worst of all, there is no guarantee that even after spending all this money, you will have a successful campaign!

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