Sales Training

When in doubt about sales performance, train!

The question is train what? When dealing with an experienced sales team, seldom does it make sense to train on everything from soup to nuts! Generally, coaching a rep or a manager on a specific area where they are weak makes much more sense.

ESS, with it’s extensive experience and toolbox, helps you identify and then implement targeted training. Today’s sales process is different and it is likely changed forever. We analyze not only if they can sell but will they sell. Do they understand how to probe and truly get to the needs that their service can provide? Can they ask for the order? These are just some of the areas where we can help.

ESS can conduct the training/ coaching or we can help you implement the coaching plan. This plan can be short term or can be a comprehensive one year program. Either way, our sales and sales management experience will guide you to improved results!

Bottom line is we will focus on what they really need to succeed not just what we think they need. Let’s have a discussion and come up with a plan.


Struggling with Sales Force Performance?
Not sure if you have the right sales leader?
Do you have the right compensation system?
Are you holding your sales force accountable?

Many CEO’s struggle with how to deal with a non performing sales force.

In many cases, the CEO is managing the sales force because they are too small to afford a full time sales leader. Therefore, they are forced to take some of their precious management time to lead the sales team. This seldom works out well because a sales force deserves and needs a sales professional who understands how to motivate, manage and get the desired performance.

The answer is interim sales leadership! Get all of the benefits of a full time leader at a fraction of the cost. Our 30+ years of experience with small and large companies as well as public and private companies assures you that we understand what it takes to lead. The other benefit is no long term commitment. We need to prove our value every month.

You should expect:

Regular interaction with Senior Management
Weekly, sometimes daily, territory reviews
Sales force evaluations of each sales person
Established Monthly goals and accountability
Compensation in sync with the Company
Marketing Plans working within budget
Sales Leadership at the fraction of the cost through Excel Sales Solutions!